Breastfeeding intention and trait mindfulness during pregnancy

A recent study published in Midwifery investigated whether trait mindfulness during pregnancy may have a beneficial effect on breastfeeding intention.

This was a prospective population-based cohort study conducted on pregnant women in South Netherlands. Here, 790 participants completed the Three Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire-Short Form at 22 weeks of pregnancy and another questionnaire on their breastfeeding intention at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

The results revealed that women with breastfeeding intention during pregnancy had significantly higher scores of non-reacting mindfulness and lower scores relating to acting with awareness. Additionally, multiple logistic regression analysis was consistent with only non-reacting (mindfulness) mothers significantly correlated to antenatal breastfeeding intention. In fact, women who actually commenced breastfeeding showed higher non-reacting scores. 

Hence, women who were non-reacting to the mindfulness facet elicited antenatal breastfeeding intention. Further studies are suggested in this direction, to validate the findings.

It was stated that mindfulness-based programs during pregnancy may enhance breastfeeding intention and the initiation of breastfeeding. 

Source: Midwifery. 2021 Oct;101:103064. doi: 10.1016/j.midw.2021.103064.

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