C3 Introduces ‘Navya Kits’ To Adolescent Girls Under The Menstrual Education Program

C3, in collaboration with Open Text (formerly known as Microfocus), is providing life-changing support to over 1000 adolescent girls in five schools of Pataudi district, Haryana. The intervention aims to provide young school girls with menstrual hygiene resources and education. Through this initiative, these girls are equipped with life skills, digital and financial literacy, and knowledge about menstrual health and hygiene. This is a crucial step in helping young girls navigate the physical and emotional upheaval associated with puberty.

The project is a part of C3’s larger mission to promote menstrual hygiene and remove the stigma around it. They have introduced an innovative Menstrual Hygiene Kit that empowers girls by helping them understand and manage their periods safely and hygienically. 

These kits contain six reusable pads, a hot water bottle for pain relief, a diary with information on menstrual hygiene and taboos, and a detergent bottle for washing and re-using the pads. To supplement this, C3 has also started setting up incinerators in the five schools where the initiative is being implemented. Vandana Nair, Lead of the Adolescent and Young People Program at C3, emphasized the importance of educating young girls about menstrual hygiene, saying, “menstruation is a natural bodily process that they will likely experience for several decades. By providing accurate information and resources, we can help them understand and manage their menstrual cycle and dispel any myths or taboos surrounding menstruation.”


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