Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes

Homeopathy Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus: It is a disorder characterized by an increase in levels of blood sugar due to abnormal carbohydrate, fats, and protein metabolism associated with decreased or no production of insulin in the body [1], [2].

Type-1 diabetes: It is also referred to as juvenile diabetes that is common in children and young adults and occursdue to the destruction of pancreatic cells responsible for insulin production. It is the immune response of the body that leads to the destruction of the pancreatic cells [1], [2].

Type-2 diabetes: It can occur at any age but is mostly seen in adults when there is not enough production of insulin or it is not utilized by the body and there is insulin resistance [1], [2].

Homeopathic Medicines for diabetes

There are some good homeopathic medications for treating diabetes mentioned here but their use is specific and has good efficacy with other classical medications prescribed by a qualified doctor.

1. SyzygiumJambolanum mother tincture [3], [4], [5]

This homeopathic remedy is used to decrease the sugar levels excreted in urine as it has a quick effect when the patient is having increased blood sugar levels. This medication is also prescribed to patients who develop skin ulcers due to diabetes.

This medication is used in lower doses to reduce urine sugar levels, and reduces thirst, weakness, skin ulcers, and increased urination associated with diabetes. This medication dose is 15 drops in half a cup of water two times a day in tincture form.

The drug is indicated in patients with prickly heat in the body’s upper part which causes unbearable itching, small red eruptions, with a continuous urge to urinate, and increased thirst.

2. Helonias [3]

This Homeopathic medication is prescribed when the patient is urinating very frequently. The urine appears white and clear due presence of albumin in the urine. This medication is usually indicated for patients who have a weak memory and are highly depressed or melancholic therefore and feel better when they indulge in any task. Patients also suffer from irritation hence cannot tolerate even the least contradiction. It is usually prescribed in 30 c form.

3. Iodum [3]

This medication is prescribed in patients who are extremely thin even if they have extreme hunger.

These patients become anxious hence keep walking or moving as they cannot stay still at a place.

These patients often get exhausted easily, therefore, start sweating vigorously from slight exercise or physical tasks. The medication can be given in low potency of 6, 12, or 30c.

4. Cephalandra Indica [3]

This homeopathic medication is very effective in reducing and maintaining blood sugar levels hence resolves symptoms easily.

This medication is usually prescribed in patients who have unbearable burning pain in the whole body with excessive urination.

This remedy is also useful for patients who have skin problems due to diabetes, such as abscesses and carbuncles. 

This medication helps patients who easily get exhausted after urinating. It is also useful in patients who have complications associated with diabetes mellitus like burning in limbs, muscular tenderness, etc.

The dose used is 15 drops of mother tincture two times a day in a half cup of water for 1-2 months and can be used with allopathic medications, but the dose of allopathic medicine should be reduced if necessary.

5. Uranium nitricum [3], [5]

This medication is used to treat frequent urination, nausea, increased thirst, vomiting, burning sensation while urinating, and gastric problems like gastric ulcers associated with diabetes mellitus. These symptoms are associated with extreme weakness and ascites. The medication is given in 3x or 6x form.

6. Argentum metallicum [4]

This homeopathic medication is used in diabetes insipidus patients with diuresis. Urine is turbid with a sweet odor with frequent micturition.

7. Arsenicum [4]

Arsenicum is used in diabetic patients who are extremely weak and have extremely dry mouth, restlessness, and dark watery stool.

8. Acetic acid [4]

Acetic acid is useful in diabetes and is indicated in people with increased of pale urine, hot and dry skin, excess thirst, and emaciation.

9. Bryonia [4]

Bryonia is used in patients with dry lips associated with diabetes mellitus. It is indicated in patients with bitter taste, no excess appetite or thirst, and low spirited. 

10. Chionanthus [4]

It is used for indications like excess thirst, increased frequency of urine, constipation with light-colored stool, and liver disorders.

11. Lactic acid [4]

It is helpful in patients with symptoms like frequent urination, with light yellow urine with increased sugar levels, thirst, nausea, weakness, uncontrollable appetite, constipation, gastralgia, dry skin, and tongue in diabetic patients.

12. Natrum sulphuricum [4]

It is called a tissue remedy for diabetes mellitus as it treats increased urination, excess itching of the skin usually on the upper part of the thighs.

Conclusion [5]

There are several useful homeopathic medications for the treatment of diabetes mellitus available in the market but there is limited evidence regarding their mechanism or mode of action.

 If the patient wants to try homeopathic medicine for diabetes treatment, he/she should consult his/her doctor and must not replace the ongoing treatment with homeopathic treatment. One must take homoeopathic treatment under a qualified doctor’s advice.

Be careful and watch out for any type of drug interaction or adverse drug reaction due to polypharmacy and report it to the doctor. The patient should also maintain his/her weight by having a balanced diet and adequate exercise.One must keep blood sugar levels within the normal range.


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