Patient anxiety of verticalization on day 0 after a Cesarean section

The enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol after a Cesarean section (CC) recommends fast mobilization of a patient along with providing psychological comfort. However, early verticalization can cause mental discomfort. A patient may experience pain, anxiety and negative affect in the postoperative period after a Caesarean section (CC). 

A recent study investigated the levels of patient anxiety about verticalization on day 0 after CC. It also described the dependence between the anxiety of verticalization and pain, anxiety as a permanent disposition, resistance to pain, negative and positive emotions, and positive orientation.

The study enrolled 150 women on their day 0 after CC, who were evaluated twice for anxiety concerning verticalization, pain, and negative and positive emotions. The first evaluation also monitored variables like anxiety levels as a constant disposition, level of pain resistance and positive orientation.

The observations were as follows-

  • Patients reported a higher level of anxiety of verticalization after arriving at the post-operative room when compared to 6 h after surgery. 
  • The second measurement showed a weak correlation between anxiety and pain. 
  • Both measurements showed negative emotions and pain resistance as the strongest variable explaining anxiety concerning verticalization.

Thus, Low levels of pain experienced by a patient after CC does not explain the variance in the anxiety of verticalization. Using the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) of anxiety will allow caregivers to gain patients' psychological perspectives in different moments after CC.

Source: Prokopowicz A, Korzeniewska A, Byrka K. Patient anxiety of verticalization on day 0 after a Cesarean section. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2021;303: 391–399.

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