What is the recommended diet in diabetes?

What is the recommended diet in diabetes?

Dr. C R Anand Moses, Former Director of the Institute of Diabetology, Madras Medical College, Chennai, will talk about the diet recommendations in diabetes in this video. Diet is the cornerstone of diabetes management. Drug treatment is very streamlined, diet plays an important role. He will further explain that without diet and exercise, the treatment won’t be very effective.

Dr. C R Anand Moses

Dr. C R Anand Moses is an experienced Diabetologist based in Chennai. He can be consulted at the Moses Diabetes and Medical Centre at Purasawalkam or at his clinic in Egmore. Dr. Moses obtained his MD in General Medicine from Madras University back in 1983. He has more than 30 years of teaching experience for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. He is currently Director and Professor at the Institute of Diabetology of Madras Medical College at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai.


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