Why is it important to control blood sugar in asymptomatic patients?

Why is it important to control blood sugar in asymptomatic patients?

It is very important to control the blood sugar levels in asymptomatic patients. The video by Dr. Suman Kirti, Endocrinologist, Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi highlights why it is necessary to control blood sugar in asymptomatic patients? If the blood sugar levels are not controlled then it leads to complications. High sugar levels can lead to acute complications such as ketoacidosis, coma or dehydration, hyperglycemia or hyperosmolar coma. She also discusses that diabetic patients are prone to various infections. If the acute rise in blood sugar levels are controlled and the HbA1c is more than 7, then over the years the patient develops chronic complications. Dr. Suman will also describe the microvascular and macrovascular complictions of diabetes in this video.

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